Message from Superintendent Daniel J. Warwick

Daniel J. WarwickEvery student has the right and potential to graduate from Springfield Public Schools ready to succeed in college or begin a productive career.  As Superintendent of Schools, I am intent on creating a learning environment where academic success is the standard for each child.

Our nearly 26,000 students come from diverse family, religious and ethnic backgrounds.  They speak numerous native languages and represent many glorious cultures. Many face health or other challenges.

But despite various differences, there is one important quality that unites all of our students - the potential to reach peak academic performance.  As Superintendent, my job is making sure our students, teachers, and administrators have the tools they need to generate each child’s peak performance.

I will work closely with principals and other administrators to get this work done.  A former principal myself, I understand the crucial role these education leaders play and the support they need to lead a school up a pathway of continuous improvement. Together, we will be steadfast in our pursuit of improved student achievement. Strong teachers, robust curriculum, relentless use of real-time data and support networks for students and families are all pieces of the puzzle which, when pieced together, compose a picture of student success.

I am privileged to have this wonderful opportunity to serve as the leader of this school district. I have dedicated my entire career to the Springfield Public Schools and I know what great potential lies ahead for us. I am deeply committed to improving our educational culture for our students, for our community, for ourselves and for our future.

Daniel J. Warwick
Superintendent of Schools

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