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The grade four students completed their ECOS experience early in the school year. They took many photographs and worked diligently on creating a book. As they wrote captions for their pictures, they discovered how difficult it was to tell a story in a few sentences. Enjoy their presentation.
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Grade 4 - Room 10 Writes About ECOS

How to Cook a Turkey by Kindergarten Students

 How to Cook a Turkey by Kindergarteners

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Explorers Project
During the  Beal January Community Meeting, the whole school watched this presentation. While working in pairs, students completed research in order to design a poster based on the information they found. Later, they recorded the audio portion of this presentation, and stood with pictures and time cards during the community meeting.

Staff Bullying Picture
Beal Teachers Stand Together Against Bullying

1.Refrain from bullying of any kind, for any reason.

2.Treat others with respect.

3.Intervene, if I safely can. Or tell someone who can.

4.Encourage others to Stand Together against bullying.

 This pledge was taken from the Stand Together website which was part of the Extreme Home Makeover Show that focused on Carl Hoover Walker’s family.  The night the showed aired, people were asked to take the pledge on-line.  To take the on-line pledge you needed to be 13, so Beal developed our own pledge sheet, still following the pledge from the web-site.  Students participated in lessons about bullying and being an upstander, took the pledge, decorated their pledge sheets and photos were taken.

childrens antibullying pictures

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