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Recovery High School - A Campus of the Springfield Academy For ExcellenceRecovery High School - A Campus of the Springfield Academy For Excellence

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About Our Program

The Recovery School is one of the programs within the alternative school structure in Springfield, collectively known as Springfield Academy for Excellence. Springfield Academy for Excellence currently includes 7 programs located at 6 different campuses in Springfield and 1 at Holyoke Community College..

The Recovery School is a small highly structured program for 30 to 50 students in recovery from alcohol or other drug abuse or dependence. The mission of the Recovery School is to provide a high quality academic experience in a safe, therapeutically supportive school setting to high school students in recovery from substance use disorders. Studies indicate that without intense support, an extremely high percentage of teens in recovery relapse..

The goals of the program are to:
  1) Recruit and retain a population of 30 to 50 students.
  2) Offer the Massachusetts High School Curriculum Frameworks in all domains.
  3) Provide the opportunity for students to graduate from the Recovery High School and enroll in college or a vocational training school, enter the military or enter the work force. Students may earn a high school diploma from the City of Springfield or from their home school district.
  4) Support students in maintaining their recovery.

The professional staff of the program includes a program director who is a licensed principal as well as a licensed psychologist; an assistant principal who supervises the day to day operation of the program; 4 licensed content area teachers (English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies); a licensed social worker/school adjustment counselor; a licensed guidance counselor; a Special Education teacher; and a .5 school nurse. In addition to being licensed and trained in their professional areas, all staff have additional experience and/or training in substance abuse prevention or treatment.

The recovery support component of the program is multifaceted. There are recovery support activities built into the daily schedule. These recovery support activities will be implemented by both Recovery School staff and also substance abuse professionals from the community. Students are also expected to participate in a recovery support program in the community. Students who experience a relapse may be required to enter a treatment program in order to continue enrollment in the Recovery School.

A School/Family/Community Advisory Board meets monthly in order to assist in the development of policy and procedures as well as to problem solve various issues that might arise.

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